About Studio 531: 
Weddings are beautiful occasions in one’s life and deserves to be well documented. One of the things that makes weddings such an enjoyable experience for us at Studio 531 to document all the smiles on every face around. 
Wedding photography is also challenging as there’s just one chance to capture fleeting emotions as it unfolds naturally on that day. Everything has a place in a plan and yet, everything occurs organically. And we love being on our toes! 
We at Studio 531 would love nothing more to be a part of your very special day, observing and documenting it as it unfolds, so that years from now, when you look back at your wedding album, it reminds you of every single moment and emotion that you experienced like it was yesterday. 

About Elton Pinto
My passion for photography took root in 2001, and while I gave other goals a higher priority at the time, the camera was never far away. Over the years, I’ve experimented with every genre of photography and it wasn’t until I found myself taking pictures for a lifestyle magazine, that I realised that I enjoy photographing people. It took me a little while more to realise that I enjoy being around happy people (who doesn’t!). I have since trained myself to better capture one such event that brings these elements together, namely, weddings. 
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